Subdivision Consulting

Concept to Design offers Subdivision Design Consulting Services for Developers, Builders and Home Owners throughout Surrey, Langley and the Greater Vancouver Area. Whether you are designing a new subdivision or building or renovating a home in an existing neighborhood, we have a range of services available to you.

Developers and Builders

We have a proud reputation of working with reputable Builders such as Vesta Properties and Cardinal Homes. We have completed large developments including Coast 49 in South Surrey, Williamstown and Luxstone in Airdrie, Alberta and now currently Latimer by Vesta Properties in Langley BC. Here are our Subdivision Design Consulting Services available for Developers and Builders:

  • Perform site character study & create subdivision design guidelines
  • House design approvals per lot
  • Plan & Exterior architectural reviews
  • Pre-approved exterior material & finish selection

Home Owners

If you have purchased a lot for which we are the appointed Design Consultant, we are excited to work with you.

All Subdivisions have Building Design Guidelines in place to establish a cohesive design plan and ensure it is implemented throughout a neighborhood to create a certain character within that community. The purpose of the Guidelines is to ensures that improvements on lots are compatible with the existing surroundings and maintain the same design quality.

These guidelines apply any time a home is built, renovated or the appearance from the exterior is altered in any way. Homeowners must have the approval of a Design Consultant to move forward with the City and obtain a Building Permit.

All the information you need to make your submission is outlined our House Design Approval Process.